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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find an answer to your question below, feel free to send an email here.

Sorry the process was not easy for you. But I’ve got you all sorted. Here is a direct link to the ebook (PDF).

There are dozens of supplements out there that can support leaky gut, so I understand the confusion. I personally found digestive enzymes, probiotics and L-Glutamine to be the most helpful for me. You can read my extensive articles on them here, here and here – respectively.

For a more holistic look at all the best supplements for leaky gut, checkout my supplements pyramid (a beautiful visual to clear away any confusion).

The leaky gut diet can often seem even more confusing than the supplements. So to clear things up you can find my favorite and least favorite foods in my free ebook, whilst there is more detailed coverage in my 37 best ways to heal leaky gut article.

Perhaps even more helpful are my food pyramid and drinks pyramid. (Everything summed up in one visual!)

For more personalized advice I recommend reaching out to a certified nutritionist or functional doctor, which I cover in the next question.

I recommend you seek out a doctor or other health professional who specializes in gut health.

Many functional doctors (MDs who practice integrative medicine) may be best suited for this, eg Amy Nett or Amy Myers.

And we have also put together a directory of health professionals who have leaky gut experience. Many of them also offer online consultations (via video), so can work with people all over the US and internationally.

Currently we only ship within the US via our Amazon store. But we have finally come up with a beautiful and simple way to get our supplements to you, no matter where you live in the world.

The simple solution we’ve found is a high quality, international mail forwarder. And our absolute favorite for everyday consumers is MyUS. (By the way, that is NOT an affiliate link and we have no partnership with them. Just really like their service.)

Not only have myself – and members of our team – used MyUS a lot when overseas, but so have family and friends living in Ireland, the UK and Australia. It’s perfect.

And coolest of all you can finally get access to the best digestive health supplements in the United States AND at up to 75% cheaper than equivalent quality products in your hometown!

How to buy our supplements from anywhere in the world

1) Get a MyUS account

Click here to signup for a free MyUS account

They will then give you a USA-based mailing address where you can ship our supplements to from Amazon.

The free membership option is fine, i.e. the first column ‘Single Package’ option, since you’re just looking to receive one package (eg 3 bottles of our supplements would come in one package).

2) Get a USA based Amazon account

Sign up for a USA-based Amazon account

You only need to do this if you don’t already have an Amazon.com account. Which is different to an Amazon.ca or Amazon.co.uk account etc.

For the shipping address in your USA Amazon account, enter your MyUS address.

3) Now you can purchase any of our supplements

Simply buy them on Amazon and ship them to your MyUS address. Here are links to our most popular products:

When you complete your order on Amazon, you’ll see the best part is how cheap Amazon shipping is within the USA. Often it is 100% free!

4) Finally, send them home

Once your supplements arrive at MyUS, they’ll send you an email and you will be able to ship them onto your home address in just 30 seconds. They can even do this automatically for you, if you choose the ‘auto send’ option.

Questions about shipping internationally with MyUS

1) How much does this service cost?

Well, your MyUS membership itself is free, assuming you’re just looking to receive packages from us.

Then when it comes to shipping the product to your home, well, that’s the cool thing with MyUS. Their international shipping fees are super low.

In fact, thanks to partnerships with UPS, FedEx and DHL they might just be the cheapest international shippers around. e.g. our Canadian and UK friends can get 2-3 tubs of our L-Glutamine powder, plus a bottle of our enzymes and probiotics, shipped to them for just $15-$18.

2) How long does it take to ship internationally?

If you want to save on shipping, you can typically go for a 7-day ship. But if you’re anything like me and want your goodies asap, then you can opt for the express shipping option, which means you could be snuggling your L-Glutamine powder in just 1-4 days! Amazing.

3) Can MyUS ship to my country?

MyUS can ship to 220+ countries & territories, including Canada, UK, Australia, EU, NZ, India, Singapore and even the Maldives if you are so lucky. Here’s a complete list of countries.

4) Do I have to worry about customs?

Since you are the importer, and thus responsible for bringing the goods into your country, it is important for you to check with your local custom laws that you can bring health supplements in and whether any duties apply. Thankfully, customs in most countries happily allow supplements in from the USA that are sealed, properly labelled and free of banned substances. (Like ours!)

5) Can the supplements withstand international shipping, eg air freight?

This is a great question. Especially since cargo airplanes can get very cold during transit – sometimes near freezing. Well, the good news is that our digestive health supplements are designed to withstand temporary periods of both hot and cold temperatures.

For example, the most precious supplement we ship is our probiotic. But thanks to the use of expensive freeze-dried, microencapsulated probiotic strains, this can handle international air travel (cold), as well as on-the-ground transport (often warm), beautifully. Whilst our other products, eg L-Glutamine and digestive enzymes, are naturally very hardy and stable – making them natural born jet setters!

Ready to finally try our supplements outside the USA?

Sign up for a free MyUS account here (choose the ‘Single Package’ membership), buy our supplements on Amazon.com (links above) and ship them to your new USA address.