Do you ship to UK/Europe/Canada/Australia?

Currently we only ship within the US, but we are looking to distribute worldwide within the next 6 months.

If you would like to buy our supplements in the meantime, you can use a shipping service like myUS.  This gives you a mailbox in the US, which you ship to.  Then they forward it onto your residence outside of the US.  You should of course check with your country’s customs regarding whether you can import supplements.

Alternatively, here are supplements we recommend for those of you outside the US:

1) United Kingdom /  Europe

Digestive enzymes – By Udos.

Candida support supplement – By NOW Foods

Probiotic – By Renew Life

2) Canada

Digestive enzymes – By Doctor’s Best

Candida support supplement – By NOW Foods

Probiotic – By Renew Life

3) Australia

Digestive enzymes – By Bioceuticals

Probiotic – By Bioceuticals

Note: You may be best to buy directly from the company’s own website (where possible), in order to make sure you get the exact product and with latest manufacturing date.

I tried to download the ebook, but it didn't work

No problems.  Here is a direct link to the ebook (PDF)

I am trying to work out what I should and shouldn't eat

You can find my favorite foods (and least favorite) here in my leaky gut ebook (PDF).

For more personalized advice I recommend reaching out to a certified nutritionist or functional doctor.

I am looking for medical advice

I recommend you seek out a doctor or other health professional who specializes in gut health.  Many functional doctors (MDs who practice integrative medicine) may be best suited for this, eg Amy Nett or Amy Myers. And we have put together a directory with more options here.