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About Goodbye Leaky Gut & Myself

If you’ve been enjoying this site and all the content, then I bet you’d love to know a little bit more about it – and me!  Here we go.  Story time!

About Good Bye Leaky Gut

You’ve been searching and I’ve been researching. I’ve got all the helpful ideas you’re looking for!

If you have Googled around for advice on how to heal your leaky gut, you’ve probably stumbled across 100s of different ideas.

From the very sound ideas like supplementing with L-Glutamine to the out there ones like fecal transplants, it can seem confusing.

But here’s the thing about leaky gut

Efficacy of ideasMost of the ideas out there don’t really work. Well, at least not in any statistically significant way.

Worse, many of them involve expensive ‘superfoods’, bizarre health products and supplements with lists of unpronounceable and non-researched ingredients.

Who has the time & money to try them all out?

To help you work out what to do and what to ignore, I’ve compiled the best ideas on how to heal your leaky gut in this guide.

No more confusion. Just real ideas.

And in case you are wondering who I am…

My name is Richard and I used to suffer from leaky gut just like you

It was horrible. And some of the knock on effects were even worse.

I suffered bad asthma, psoriasis and even acne. Plus I woke up every morning with brain fog and sometimes even felt more tired than when I went to bed!

Worse yet, I spent years and years consuming the standard solution to leaky gut…

…hello antacid sandwiches, Pepto-Bismol by the gallon and packing dozens of blister packs of Immodium into my backpack like some sorta digestive crazed Bear Grylls heading off into a Grizzly-packed Yellowstone!

No bueno!

After being called ‘Zantac boy’ by one too many friends, I decided to investigate my health like a Columbo-House MD lovechild. I went deep.

PubMed became my BFF. Doctors (especially holistic focused GI experts) became my amigos. And naturopaths well versed in leaky gut ended up on my speed dial.

I spent months studying all the latest research on leaky gut, and even longer trying all the ideas. It was exhausting.

But little by little, I improved and my gut started showing me the love!

I started to find what worked. And just as importantly, what didn’t.

My experiments in leaky gut protocols were intense. I spent $50,000 in the first 6 months – from expert consultations to advanced tests to personal nutritionists, I left no stone unturned.

At times I felt like Frodo in Lord of The Rings. Weighed down by my curse, but hellbent on finding the promised land…of good gut health.

And that’s because I knew trapped in a world of poor digestive health was more or less prison.

From cancelling dinners with close friends because my gut was hosting its own version of digestive Olympics, to constantly worrying about being able to make meetings for work (thanks to totally unpredictable bowel movements), I was sick of it all.

Freedom was what I wanted & what I craved

As I finally started experimenting with different ideas for healing leaky gut – eg going low FODMAP, megadosing L-Glutamine and cutting most carbs – I quickly saw my symptoms disappear.

Some almost overnight, like acne, and others more slowly, but surely, like asthma.

It was one revelation after another.

And let me tell you. That day you wake up and you can breathe easily, look great and generally feel full of energy is an amazing feeling!

And I hope you can enjoy that feeling too.

These days, I do just 4 things…and I love it!

About Goodbye Leaky Gut

I am a co-founder of a digestive health focused company. And it has given me great privileges.

We have the funding to do amazing research into digestive health, which means we can investigate the most advanced dietary and lifestyle ideas out there and see what really works.

Plus it gives me the time to do quality reports on what we find. Which I’m able to make freely available to all of my fellow leaky gut sufferers like yourself.

And maybe best of all, I can finally see the supplements I’ve always dreamed of, get made!

I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

If you want to get in touch, hola at me

You can click here to contact me.

I’m extremely straight up, which means I read all my emails, but I don’t necessarily reply to them all, because I currently spend 12 hours a day writing new content for ya’ll. (And I love doing this).

But if your question is not about medical advice or 1-1 health advice, then I will answer away. eg when is best to take digestive enzymes.

But most importantly, make sure you download my ebook – the ultimate guide to leaky gut!

This is my entire leaky gut protocol distilled into one place – and you can download my free guide to leaky gut recovery here

You have no idea how much work went into filtering the great ideas from the good (and of course, the bad!). But it was worth it. Because in this guide you’ll find everything you need to know to rapidly heal your leaky gut.

It contains every secret I wish I knew when I was starting my own journey to freedom from intestinal hyperpermeability, aka leaky gut.

Download it here